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PERI Birch (FSC Certified)


High-quality plywood for almost any type of application

PERI Birch is used in almost all areas for walls and slabs. PERI Birch is used for concrete surfaces with higher requirements and a higher number of repetitions. Crosswise bonded nordic birch veneers with a dark brown phenolic resin film of 120 g/m² on both sides with PERI logo. The WBP glueing is according to EN 314-2 Class 3. PERI Birch is FSC Certified.

Technical Details

Type of wood: Nordic Birch plywood throughout
Coating: on both sides about 120 g/m² phenolic resin film, dark brown with PERI logo
Bonding: EN 314-2 Class 3
Application: wall and slab formwork panel for concrete finishes with higher requirements and higher repetitions

Nominal Thickness Dimension Weight Packing Unit
18 mm 1220 x 2440 mm approx. 2,60 kg/m² 33 sheets/pallet