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PERI UP Easy Frame Scaffold


PERI UP Easy is a "lightweight" among the steel facade scaffolding systems and stands for quick and simple assembly. As the guardrail of the next scaffolding level is mounted from the lower level with the Easy Frame, PERI UP Easy also provides a high level of safety in the system. Through the integrated scaffold nodes on the Easy Frame, PERI UP Easy can be combined with PERI UP Flex Modular Scaffolding.

The PERI UP Easy system width is 67 cm (for Width Class W 06) and 100 cm (for Width Class W 09) respectively. For the 67 cm system width, a one-piece combi-deck is available; alternatively, 33 cm wide steel decks can be used. For the 100 cm wide frame, 25 cm decks from the PERI UP Flex modular scaffolding system can also be installed.

All PERI UP decks have integrated protection against lifting. This is not only fast and safe but also allows subsequent opening and closing of individual scaffolding bays, e.g. for transporting materials.

Assembly of the basic structure takes place virtually without couplers whilst the Easy quick anchoring system also reduces assembly times. Numerous well-considered details, such as the execution of the external and internal corners with very few individual components, make PERI UP Easy fast and highly efficient.

In addition, assembly of the PERI UP Easy is a very safe procedure: due to the assembly logic with the Easy Frame, the scaffolder is secured against falling without requiring rope protection when assembling the basic structure.

Low weight
Fast working due to the low weight of the individual components

High degree of safety
Fall protection without any additional components through the system-dependent assembly process

Fast assembly
Mounting takes place with virtually no couplers and a minimum use of tools

Special range of applications
Can be combined with PERI UP Flex system components

Technical Details

  • Can be used as working scaffold
  • Can be used as protection scaffold Class D, and as roof safety scaffold with protection panels Class SWD 1 in accordance with DIN 4420-1: 2004-03
  • Standard configuration with a system width W = 67 cm (Width Class W 06) with
    • Combi Deck W = 66 cm, loadable up to 2.00 kN/m² (LC 3)
    • Steel Decks W = 33 cm, loadable up to 3.00 kN/m² (LC 4) with L = 3.00 m
  • Standard configuration with system width W = 100 cm (Width Class W 09) with
    • Steel Decks W = 33 cm, loadable up to 3.00 kN/m² (LC 4) with L = 3.00 m
    • Steel Decks W = 25 cm, loadable up to 3.00 kN/m² (LC 4) with L = 3.00 m