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PERI UP Flex Stair Alu 75


Flights of stairs in the grid dimensions of the PERI UP Flex modular scaffolding serve as access to working areas or to construction sites at heights of up to 90 m. As 4-leg towers, with alternating staircase units or staircase units in the same direction, with 75 cm widths.
Height adjustments to building openings are carried out independently of the floor heights by means of brackets and short flights of stairs (1.50 m long, 50 cm/100 cm high).

Consistent grid dimensions
The grid dimension of 25 cm provides a high level of flexibility even in the smallest of spaces and all bays can be completely closed leaving no gaps

Easily adapted
For accessing building openings with small flights of stairs on brackets suspended on the outside

Stable design
With few ledgers in the staircase tower

Technical Details

  • Alternating staircase units or staircase units in the same direction as access for construction site personnel
  • Quickly assembled flights of stairs with 75 cm widths (clear stair width 67 cm)
  • Permissible loads: 2.00 kN/m² for flights of stairs and 2.00 kN/m² for the entire construction for a run of staircase and landing of 20 m
  • Few anchors
  • Access to all floors in height increments of 25 cm, adjustments using brackets mounted laterally
  • Flights of stairs installed next to each other side with movements in both directions through mounted guardrails possible

Version for narrow spaces

Stairwell staircases
With the stairwell staircases, compact access can be provided on the inside of those buildings with small areas and narrow geometries. At the same time, the stairs serve as working platforms for carrying out further work on the sides of the walls. With standard components, access can be created to all floors in height increments of 25 cm. Standard configurations are available for the common floor height of 2.75 m.