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VARIOKIT Heavy Duty Shoring


PERI VARIOKIT is the engineering construction kit with standardized components. Only three core components are required for a wide range of applications. PERI, however, not only supplies the required materials for civil engineering projects but also the associated know-how as a customized overall solution for the construction work.

Ingeniously simple
Versatile core components with standard connections using fitting pins

Economical use of materials through statically optimized utilization of the components

Rentable standard components which remain unchanged but are nevertheless still very versatile in their use

Heavy-Duty Shoring Tower VST

Through the incorporation of standardized system components, it is possible to create various shoring systems:

4-leg towers
Dimensions of 2 m x 2 m in its standard configuration.
Or in each statically required dimension up to a max. of 6.50 m x 6.50 m

Towers with additional legs
In areas that have to bear heavy loads, the load-bearing capacity can be doubled in-situ through the use of additional legs.

Shoring tower frames
Single towers can also be attached to the frames and this enables them to achieve a noticeably higher cross-sectional stiffness in one direction.

Bird cage scaffold
By connecting individual shoring tower frames, it is also possible to increase the cross-sectional stiffness in the second direction.

Main beam frames
In the area of abutments and piers, the system can also be implemented as main beam frames up to a height of 10 m, but only with the head support.

The system is supplemented by PERI UP which provides safe access.

Technical Details

  • Leg loads up to 700 kN
  • Standard application up to a height of 40 m
  • Higher applications are possible with project-specific design
  • The head spindle can be operated with a portable hydraulic pump even when fully loaded
  • With the graduated lengths of the RCS rails, two compensation elements and the head spindle, all heights are continuously realizable.

VRB Heavy-Duty Truss Girder

The system consists of different types of  load and length optimized frames, which enable to continuously create every span with the corresponding combination.

A distinction is made between

Bearing Frame
for transferring the loads into the heavy-duty shoring towers

Coupling Joint Frame
for higher shear forces close to the support as well as for use at intermediate supports and coupling joints

Standard Frame 
for use in the middle span

Standardized and centric connection of horizontal and vertical bracings enable optimal utilization of the load bearing capacity and lead to efficient material input.

The PERI UP modular scaffold is used in order to ensure safe access across the whole span.

Technical Details

  • Optimized for spans up to 40 m
  • Bending moment capacity 3,000 kNm
  • Compensation of longitudinal inclination and cross fall
  • Continuous realization of every span
  • Tolerance compensation of the support position with relocatable bearing
  • Realization of oblique-angled support due to crossing angles