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PERI Training Services

For the efficient and safe use of PERI products, PERI now offers various accredited formwork and scaffolding training courses.

Improve site-safety by taking an accredited formwork or scaffolding course with or qualified training instructors

The practice-oriented and wide-ranging PERI training programme is available to a great variety of customer groups and is optimally tailored to the challenges faced on the construction site. The trainings are conducted by PERI experts. This enables those involved in the project to work safely, efficiently and in a resource-oriented manner right from the start.

Practical training sessions at PERI exhibition and training centres provide the ideal opportunity for people to familiarise themselves with the operation of the systems and to directly apply and deepen their knowledge of the theory and expert tips. In addition, PERI offers training on theoretical topics, not to mention software training. If required, PERI supervisors can also support the construction site team directly on site so that the systems can be used safely and efficiently from the outset.

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