Material Handling

At PERI, we prioritise the safe and efficient handling of materials, as it is a critical aspect of the material supply process to and from a site. Our approach revolves around three essential stages:

  1. Delivery of Material 
  2. Handling of Material
  3. Return of material 

Adhering to PERI Material Handling Standards can lead to significant improvements in overall safety, work efficiency, and work quality on site.

Material Handling Standards

Our material handling standards can help to drastically reduce charges for dirty, damaged, or scrap materials.

By strategically planning and correctly stacking and packing materials for return, you'll streamline unloading at the PERI stockyard and minimize material loss.

PERI is committed to providing the best solutions and working closely in partnership with our customers to achieve mutual success

  • PERI standard delivery-delivery of PERI material
    Delivery of Material

     From the moment materials arrive at your site, proper handling is crucial.

  • Handling of PERI Material

    how materials are managed directly impacts safety and productivity.

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    Return of material to PERI

    Efficiently returning materials after use ensures streamlined operations and minimizes waste.

PERI Material Handling Standards

Download our material handling standards for further information